Refund Policy Change in Effect October 11, 2019

  • 09/24/2019 12:04 AM

Recently, PayPal (one of our payment processors for credit cards, electronic checks, and direct debits from a PayPal account) recently announced that they would be changing the way they process refunds. In the past, if a customer signed up for hosting and cancelled within the 30 day guarantee period, we would refund the entire amount. For example, if you purchased hosting for $10 and cancelled before the 30 day period ended, PayPal would deduct $10 from our account and transfer it back to you. Starting on October 11, 2019, PayPal will refund you $10, however they will leave us on the hook for the processing fee. This is not right. As such, starting October 11, 2019, our refund policy will be changed to that the 30 day guarantee will not be applicable to PayPal payments.

Payments made with credit card directly on our site are not subject to this and will be refunded per the existing refund policy. Starting October 11, 2019, we will be making Credit Card payments the default payment method.

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