cPanel Phishing Warning

We've been alerted to an issue where customers are being hit with fake notifications about domains on their account. These fake notifications are coming in with subjects like, "[domain] Inode quota exceeded", "[domain] Resource limits exceeded", "[domain] Suspension: Removal of domain from our server". These email notifications look like standard cPanel email notifications however they have an HTML attachment. The HTML attachment is how malware gets installed on your computer. Do not open the attachment. Delete the email! These emails appear to come from "cpanel@yourdomain".
An example of what this email looks like:


Please keep in mind, NodeSpace will send emails regarding your account from or! NodeSpace only sends attachments when requested by you or in the event of a billing notification, a PDF attachment.
If you have any questions regarding any emails regarding your account, contact us by opening a support ticket and we'll be glad to verify any notification.

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